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Laura Dean

Laura Dean

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I have a small house and studio in the hills outside Santa Fe; it’s a very beautiful spot. There is a pile of scavenged metal outside my studio, some old, some new.  I keep my eyes open for material on walks through the arroyos because it’s hard to beat that desert patina. I like scrap yards and sheet metal shops and if someone is replacing their old metal roof I’ll be there to haul some of it away.

I covet small objects in archeology museums: gold, clay, wood, the material doesn’t matter. It’s about the scale. These little sculptures reflect things that caught my attention like a small shed in the San Luis Valley, a dress I loved, an accordion an old man played at the flea market.


Mule and dress
Eat Cake
Tiny Squares
Rectangles forming a Rectangle
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